A Consulting Firm Purpose-Built for Digital.



  • We develop digital strategy.
  • We lead the change to deliver it.
  • We optimise trading.
  • We keep things simple.

Our Services

  • Consulting
    Answering business questions with experience and original thought.
  • Change
    Supporting client teams in digitizing their business.
  • Ventures
    Co-founding (and co-funding) new businesses.
  • Interim
    Experienced specialists to fill gaps and solve problems.
  • Retail
    Helping trade multi-channel harder, worldwide.


Using digital to do what you do better.

Doing new things using digital and your assets.

Making digital inherent not additive.

Craig Walmsley leads our consulting team. He works at the intersection of customer behaviour, technology, brand and business.

Future Customer Experience.

How your customer will find, engage and transact with you in the digital world.

New Services and Propositions.

Using the assets you have to extend product and service propositions to customers. Perhaps radically.

Digital Strategy into Corporate Strategy.

Supporting your strategy teams or consulting partners with constructive disruptive digital thinking.

Investment and Acquisitions.

A digital vision-driven approach to find, realise and retain acquired digital value.

Board Advisors.

Corporately-aware digital natives to ensure your organisation is thinking in relevant new ways.


Trading digital channels harder.

Selling internationally.

Delivering multi-channel service propositions.

Graham Morrell leads our retail activity. Graham is an experienced retail practitioner.

Multi-Channel Customer Experience.

Defining your future customer experience. Stretching your thinking in a multi-channel, ‘always on’ world – cross-channel, mobile, in-store, availability and fulfilment.

Trading, Marketing and Operating Review.

Recommendations to improve everything that impacts customer experience and commercial performance – marketing, conversion rate and operational processes.

Partner Selection and Capability Development.

Finding the right people, technologies and partners to support your operation.

International Growth.

Building and launching international digital propositions, then optimising trading in local markets utilising on-the-ground expertise.

Leading or Augmenting your Team.

Our team embedded in your team, covering gaps, dealing with specific problems and doing more faster.

‘Go-to’ Access to Consultants and Mentoring.

Supporting in-house teams with a second-opinion, benchmarks and an external view of the world.


Organisation design.

Programme leadership and execution.

Agent-of-change diplomatic missions.

Taking a holistic view of everything that’s needed to make digital work. We assess resources and competencies, develop change plans, align expectations, select technology and partners, recruit staff and manage the delivery of these resources to create new digital capability.

Organisation Design.

Working out where digital sits within the organisation, then setting out the structures and roles required for its successful innovation and operation.

Programme Configuration and Leadership.

Experienced, energetic digital practitioners to jump-start new initiatives or to add more capability to existing programmes, and then lead them to delivery.

Recruitment Support.

Working with HR departments and agencies to get the job descriptions right, find candidates, provide interview support and generally aid the selection process.

Supplier Selection.

Evaluating and selecting technology, creative and professional service suppliers to support your businesses requirements.

Project Management.

Providing an experienced delivery capability, delineating and managing specific projects, or sourcing and managing suppliers to that end.


Co-founding new digital businesses to create value.

Using your assets in uniquely digital ways.

Sourcing funds and co-investing.

We help established businesses apply their assets – brands, customers, capabilities, suppliers and infrastructure – in uniquely digital ways. We combine the attitude of a pure-play with the insight of an old hand.

Opportunity Assessment.

Canvassing the marketplace and its adjacencies. Identifying incipient competitive, consumer and technology trends. Projecting consequent market shifts. Pinpointing strategic opportunities. Asking how digital will steal your most profitable business.

Proposition Development.

Stating the unmet need. Establishing where a venture has a “right to play”, outlining the capabilities and resources required to play there. Developing a customer vision, a business plan and the programme to deliver as per any venture funded programme.

Proving the Concept.

Meeting the unmet need by establishing and operating a pilot. Iterating the thinking. Working through the financial gates.

Build and Transfer.

Unilaterally operating the new unit whilst developing the proposition, so that it can be smoothly normalised into the parent business or otherwise exited.

Leading Ventures and Innovation Units.

Bringing acquisitions in, leading semi-autonomous teams or executing initiatives and establishing the new capability or business unit.


Focused specialists on critical tasks and problems.

Fill immediate gaps and cover absence.

Defer headcount and organisational commitments.

We embed one or many of our digital practitioners in your business. The team’s experience spans executive leadership, programme management and subject specialism, gained in corporates, agencies and start-ups, from commercial to technical to creative.

Interim Exec Leadership.

Assuming executional roles in organisations to kick-start, catalyse and energise digital lines of business or new initiatives. Immediate start, even (or especially) when the business needs time to work out where digital fits and how best to operate it.

Filling Vacancies and Covering Absence.

Filling a temporary skills gap in an organisation.

Troubleshooting and Issue Management.

Heavyweight solutions to stabilise and simplify initiatives which are off-plan. Or more pro-actively applied as programmes develop to give them the best chance of success.

Programme Office.

Taking accountability for the delivery of a digital proposition or initiative; managing the stakeholders and resource to deliver to plan.